Fiberglass Planters
8' Planter
4' Planter

Showcase your gardening skills with this new planter series from Fiberglass Specialties, Inc.  The planter can be used for color spots, vegetables, or even miniature fruit trees.  It’s sure to brighten up your garden or patio area.

The planters are a convenient 14” deep x 20“wide and come in 2 lengths, either 4’ or 8’.  Available colors are light earth or white.   The planters can be used individually or set together to create a larger, more impressive appearance. 
Just set the planter where you want it, drill a drain hole (using any standard drill) and, if desired, soaker hose connection and you’re ready to go.  The planter is weather resistant, won’t rot or deteriorate, and will provide years of enjoyment.  There’s no assembly, it’s easy to use, and light weight. Store it indoors or outdoors during winter months, this is a very durable, yet visually pleasing planter.  

Maintenance – This planter was made in the USA using UV resistant, architectural grade gel coats by Cook Composites International.   Clean with soap and water then, if desired,  wax with Carnauba to restore any lost luster.